Estate Planning Attorney

Solving estate planning & business legal issues for 25 years.

Solving estate planning & business legal issues for 25 years.

Let Gregory Poulos, the Scottsdale estate planning attorney, help you take care of your legacy and future harmony.

Is it important to you to protect your spouse and your children and to avoid money squabbles and to preserve family harmony after you are gone? Poulos Law Firm’s Family First Estate Planning approach will help you preserve harmony in your family as you pass your wealth on to future generations.

The process starts by helping you answer questions about your goals and by uncovering concerns you may have about the effects of wealth on your heirs.

Then we help you design an estate plan to address all those questions and concerns — a plan that will preserve the harmony in your family, carry on your hopes for the future and pass along your wealth in an equitable manner.

Your estate plan will address the uncertainties of how to take care of your property while you are alive, take care of you and your loved ones if you become incompetent, and make sure your property goes to whom you want, in the way you want and when you want.

The vehicles we use to accomplish this include a will, a durable financial power of attorney, a living will and health care proxy (medical power of attorney). For many people, a trust also makes sense to avoid the cost and lack of privacy of probate. Since so many of our clients future plans are connected with businesses they own, the Poulos Law Firm also stands ready to assist with business perpetuation planning, business formation, incorporation, buying and selling businesses and more.

When putting together a plan, you must be mindful of what is the best plan for your family and that’s where the Poulos Law Firm can help. Make Greg Poulos your Scottsdale estate planning attorney and get started on securing your dreams today.