Avoid Claims and Court

Lawsuits serve a vital function in our society. However, if your small business gets involved in litigation it will take a heavy toll. There are financial costs, operational interruptions, emotional tolls and serious consequences to your business and personal relationships. If you can avoid claims you are better off.

• Acting on emotions rather than rational thought
• Failure to communicate and broken promises
• Absence of a written contracts
• Poorly drafted agreements
• Treatment of employees
• Lack of internal controls
• Failure to have a buy sell agreement or succession plan
• Equal partnership agreements that do not provide for good management

To avoid or minimize litigation you must have strategies and best in place. While all business involves risks you should take a risk assessment of your legal and business’s circumstances so that you can take informed risks. Also you should use your contracts to limit your liability.

The Poulos law firm can help you develop your strategy to minimize the possibility of being dragged into court with services including:
• Risk assessments
Business formation
Contract reviews
• Negotiation assistance
• Business consulting