How to Gain Access to Digital Accounts When a Loved One Dies

Think about how many times per day you are asked for your login and password information on your computer or hand-held device — to your bank, your investments, social media, email and more. Now imagine that something happens to you and the responsibility for your online accounts suddenly devolves to your spouse or children. Do.. read more →

Do I have to file a tax return for my trust?

Clients frequently ask me if they have to file a tax return for a trust they have created. The answer is no if it is a REVOCABLE Living Trust. Income Tax Treatment of Revocable Trusts A revocable trust is typically formed by husband and wife. Both are considered the initial trustees who manage the assets.. read more →

Are joint accounts a good idea in estate planning?

Are joint accounts a good idea when you are creating your estate plan? The answer is yes and no. Spouses often add each other to accounts to avoid probate and transfer money to their loved one. In addition, older people often add children or trusted friends to accounts for the convenience of paying bills, especially.. read more →

Are Your Furry Friends Protected?

If you’ve ever owned a pet, you know the hole they leave in your life when they pass on. These furry friends are as much a part of the family as your spouse and kids. Thankfully, there are ways to help plan for your pets upkeep and care, should you pass on before them. This.. read more →

Asset Protection Basics

What is Asset Protection Anyway? Asset protection planning is about protecting your assets in good times, so you can walk away with those assets if something goes wrong financially. The people who use asset protection plans most commonly are people likely to get sued, such as real estate developers and investors, physicians and business owners.. read more →

Trust Fund Loophole?

What Is President Obama talking About? President Obama is going to give his State of the Union address on Tuesday January 19, 2015. He has announced several initiatives including  free community college and paid leave. He knows that the number 1 question is where is that money going to come from? Well most of it  —.. read more →

Should You Put Your Home in a Trust

If you look in the paper for recent real estate sales, you will often see that the higher end homes are often bought and sold in and out of trusts. Is putting your own home in a trust something that you should do or is only for the wealthy? What a Living Trust Will not.. read more →

Creating a Complete Estate Plan

We all know you need an estate plan, but 50% of people do not get around to taking the steps to create one. To help you get started here are a few checklist items that will help you get a complete plan in place. 1. Create a will. In a will, you provide instructions about.. read more →

Top 5 Smart Year-End Financial Actions

The end of the year isn’t just a time to celebrate the holidays. It is also a time to clean up last minute details and plan for the future. Here are five really smart year-end financial moves that you can make to help you begin the New Year right. Review Your Insurance Review your insurance.. read more →

Estate planning for a blended family can be complicated

You probably know that 45-50% of first marriages end in divorce! But the news gets worse, 60 – 67% of second marriages and 70-73% of third marriages also end in divorce. What those statistics mean is that there are an awful lot of blended families out there. Blended families make estate planning a bit more.. read more →