Should my Health Savings Account (HSA) be part of my Trust?

If you have an HSA or MSA (medical savings account) there is a possibility that funds might be in the account when you die. How do you plan for the distributions of those funds? In terms of estate planning these accounts are like a hybrid. While you are alive, the account functions like an ordinary.. read more →

What happens to your body if you leave no instructions?

The State of Arizona has several laws that helps determine what happens to your body when you die. Arizona law states that the surviving spouse may make final decisions about your body and funeral services. If your spouse has passed away before you or you are divorced, then the right is granted to family members.. read more →

Top 5 Estate Planning Mistakes to Avoid

Passing on your estate and assets to your heirs is serious business, and there’s very little room for error. For instance, what happens if your executor or trustee passes away before you do and you didn’t update your estate plan to reflect that? What happens if you remarry and your ex-husband is still named in.. read more →

Identify Your Assets

No one likes to contemplate their own mortality, which is why so many people fail to plan how their assets will be distributed when they pass on. However, assessing your assets and goals is critical if you don’t want your heirs to end up in probate court waiting for your assets to be decided on.. read more →

Ethical Wills

When you get right down to it, estate planning is all about preserving family values and traditions and promoting family harmony. So ask yourself these questions: If you were gone, would your family know how much you cared for them? Would they know about what was important in your life? Would they feel a continued.. read more →

Arizona Probate Laws

Probate describes a process where the Superior Court of Arizona appoints a personal representative of the estate of the deceased person to oversee certain tasks. Under Arizona probate laws recently passed, a person who is going to serve as a Personal Representative must take an online training course before they can be appointed. Probate is.. read more →

Financial Power of Attorney-Arizona

A financial power of attorney is a written legal document that allows you to give authority to another person to make financial and legal decisions (and financial transactions) on your behalf. Sometimes, making your own financial decision is not possible. You might be traveling in remote areas for extended periods of time, or an illness.. read more →

Divorce? Update Your Estate Plan, Or Else

Often overlooked in the divorce process is the need to update estate planning. Most people would agree that their ex-spouse is the last person they want to inherit their assets when they die—or to make life and death decisions for them. But that is exactly what can happen – and often does – when these.. read more →

Wills Vs Trust

Which should you choose? A will or a trust? What is the difference between the two? Both a will and a trust protect assets and indicate who will receive them upon your death, however, they work very differently. Let’s take a deeper look at wills vs trusts. For many people, whether a will and power.. read more →

Four ways to shield and protect your assets

If you have substantial assets, come into sudden wealth, or are in a risk prone business you really should consider protecting your assets against possible lawsuits. And there are several ways you can keep your financial holdings secure. First, make sure you have liability insurance. Your first line of defense against any type of litigation.. read more →