Estate Planning FAQs

Why do I need an estate plan?
What things do I need to consider in my estate plan?
Is Jointly Owned Property a good estate Plan?
What is health care or medical power of attorney?
What is a living will?
What is a durable power of attorney?
What is a will?
What happens if you die without a will?
What does a will not do?
What is gifting?
What is a fiduciary?
What questions should I ask myself before picking a fiduciary?
What is a Trust?
What is a Revocable Living Trust?
Is a trust always better than a will?
What is Probate?
Should you avoid probate?
What is asset protection planning?
Which United States jurisdictions allow for the creation of asset protection trusts?
What other areas of law should an estate planning attorney be familiar with before practicing asset protection planning?
Who should consider establishing an asset protection trust?
Are there any tax reasons to establish an asset protection trust?

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