Legal Forms on the Web – Do you really need an attorney?

A weak maybe? There are, no doubt, situations where a simple form obtained free or at minimal cost on the web will suit your purposes. Caution is the watchword here. While there are many legal forms available on line, you have no assurance about the quality of these documents. They are often created to cover every conceivable situation and as a result, instead of being complete, leave many important issues unaddressed which can and, often do, come back to haunt you.

Having said that, reviewing these on line forms can save you money when you do meet with an attorney. If your situation calls for something other than a simple straightforward matter, maybe these simple forms will be sufficient. Before you use such a form, however, spend a little time considering any legal implications and potential liabilities if the form is inadequate. If you are thinking that you probably need to have an attorney review the documents, then you should be listening to your inner voice. The money you are saving now could be very costly

Saving Legal Fees with on line forms Using online forms can actually be a good way to reduce your legal fees when you do consult an attorney.

  • A good way to use on line forms is to use them to focus your attention on the issues that you should be discussing with the attorney. That way, you can give the attorney direction about what you want to accomplish.
  • Using an on line form can help you also think about answers to questions that the attorney might have which will result in an more efficient (and less costly) meeting.
  • If you have an outline or form that you think is appropriate and the attorney confirms that it is the correct form for your particular situation, you won’t have to pay the attorney to draft the agreement from whole cloth.
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